What is a Long Distance / Marathon Training Plan?
It is a gradual progressive program involving 3-4 days of running a week, including strength training with specificity to the sport. This plan, if followed as precribed, guarantees marathon success.

Why do I need a Running Coach?
The right coach will improve your training experience, enable you to become fitter than you’ve ever been, and teach you important lessons about the marathon, like:

  • End soreness before your next workout session
  • Warm up & cool you down and help prevent injuries
  • Lay a strong foundation
  • Use power in this sport
  • Boost your speed
  • Avoid the similar workouts or only running
  • Using long runs to acheive timing goals
  • Respect your digestive system
  • Looking beyond finishing time

Is my coach authorised or accredited by any organisation?
Yes. Munir Kulavoor is a Certified Marathon Trainer approved by American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the largest sports medicine and exercise science organization in the world. acsm_certificate

Are there any other benefits other than training?

  • Discounts on Workshops & Events
  • Access to Mumbai’s Best Sports Physios, Nutritionists, Exercise Tools & Accessories
  • YOUR Blog Corner & Articles backed by Scientific Research on Website
  • Individual & Group Training Opportunities
  • Dry-Fit Marathon Running ExploRunner T-Shirt
  • Personal Interaction Once a Fortnight or During Weekly Long Runs

What is the process of enrollment?
Step 1: Write to munir@explorunner.com, you will receive the training program details including Fitness Questionnaire (FQ), Profile, Terms & Conditions (T&C).
Step 2: If you agree to the terms & fees structure, you have to send us your FQ dully filled in Word file itself. Your reply with the FQ will be construed as confirmation of T&C. Note your FQ needs to be detailed so that all care can be taken, on best effort basis, to contruct a plan that is customised to your circumstances.
Step 3: Based on your FQ assessment a training plan will be designed to suit your individual physiological capabilities.
Step 4: Based on assessment you may even be asked to undergo medical tests (at your own cost); your enrollment may be denied (at the coach’s discretion) or you may be asked to get the training plan reviewed by your general physician for any suggestions before embarking on the training.
Step 5: If you are enrolled successfully your plan or training log will be emailed to you. Simultaneously an email invoice will be generated for the fees applicable depending on the training duration chosen.

How to update the training log?
Training log is a GoogleDoc Excel or Google Sheet file containing day-wise exercise & workout prescription. Success of your training will entirely depend on your discipline firstly in doing the workouts exactly as per plan AND entering the details in the log. You can update your logs conveniently using your smart phone. You have to install Google Sheets on your phone to enable you to edit the log 24/7. Only if you enter the correct details of workouts done, will the coach be able to devise a strategic plan to meet your running goals.

What are the fees for training?
The Fees Structure is fairly simple Rs.1000 per month, Quarterly – Rs.3000, Half-Yearly – Rs.5500 & Annual – Rs.11000.
However for new joinees referred by existing runners for Season ending Jan 2018, fees will be Rs.800/- per month, Quarterly – 2400/-, Half-Yearly – 4200/- & Annual – 9600/-.

What is the minimum enrollment period?

What are the payment modes available?
You can pay by NEFT/IMPS/Payumoney Payment Gateway using Card or NetBanking.

Do you offer any loyalty or renewal benefits?
For every new runner you enrol (paid sign-up) you earn a direct saving of Rs.1000 on the next Season’s Annual Fees (i.e. on Rs.11000). For e.g. if you joined in the month of Oct 16 and you have encouraged 5 runners to join before 31st Jan 2017, then you would be eligible for Rs.5000 (5 x Rs.1000) off on your annual fees for next Season (Feb 17 – Jan 18). In this case annual fees would be (Rs.11000 – Rs.5000) Rs.6000 @ Rs.500 per month.