We’re glad to inform you that one of Mumbai’s best Sports Physiotherapist has tied up to support ExploRunner Group.


Dr Patil is the founder of OrthoSports Physiotherapy with three clinic locations across Mumbai. She is a sports physiotherapy consultant for the Bombay Presidency Golf Club; Adidas sponsored marathon events as a gait-analysis expert; on specialist panel with several fitness groups, etc. She is on expert advisory board of health and fitness magazine ‘Krunch Today’ and writes regular health and fitness related articles for various forums. She is an ergonomics consultant for several wellness companies addressing corporate wellness and health. She is also an academic faculty at Exercise Science Academy -Associated with American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM, USA) and Indian Academy of Health and Fitness (IAHF) conducting lectures and workshops for physiotherapists, fitness trainers and allied health professionals. Her research articles have been published in the Indian Association of Physiotherapy (IAP) Journal and Times of India.

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3 thoughts on “Events

  1. Yesterday attended foam roller session. There was a excitement what it is all about. Came to know about the various pain trigger points and knots which can be released by this session. Will not only help in reducing the pain but also will build up the endurance to keep going for long. Distant runners must do foam roller exercise to prevent them from injury. It releases the pain and pressurres during and after running.Recommend guys to at least attend this session

    — Mukund Gawde
    Sr Manager, MCX


  2. Even I feel that the session was very useful. I found my own trigger point of calf. We have been trained to trace the trigger point with the help of a tennis ball also. This session is useful not only for the runners but to everyone, as I guess.

    — Dinesh Bodke
    Regional Manager, Tata Capital Ltd.


  3. As Rightly Said By Mukund & Dinesh Session was worth it.
    I did not know what is rollerFoam , Nam Hi phehili baar suna …….but it is magic roller …
    Im sure it will help runner & also those who are planning every day “…kal bhag tha hu ..…pakka…. ”
    (Mere jaise)
    & important compulsory we need to know how to use is.
    Dr Patil was very good in her explanation & Demo by Dr Pooja.
    Spl Thanks to munir to inspiring all of us……

    — Sandesh Chavan
    Hotelier and Owner, Ola Vakola


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