Jessica Philip :: Rain Running Can Teach You Something Worthwhile


​By Jessica Philip | 28th June 2017​


Almost twenty years ago, an aspiring palm reader very convincingly filled my mom’s ears that her eldest daughter (no guesses for who I’m referring to) is at risk of dying in water. Ever since that day my over-protective mother did all that she could to limit my exposure to anything which even looked like an innocuous kid’s pool. And here I am, ironically writing about my run experience in rain.
Let me be honest. I’m not a fan of running in the rain. But there’s something about rain running that can teach you something that math teacher you never liked in school but somehow knew at the back of your head that you have to get through this, and eventually you would have learnt something that even a fine-weather run couldn’t have taught you. I had my first semi-rain run at Aarey and one of my biggest falls too. It taught me one of the biggest lessons in running-to be mindful of your surroundings, ditch your earphones for a while and listen to your mechanics, feel the surface you are landing on and just….listen.
Rain can be your worthy opponent-you’ve got to wear the right clothes, the right shoes and run hawk-eyed watching every variation of your running surface-every hole, moss, the teeny animal species that scuttle across your path , and all the slippery twists and turns that can spell doom for any runner-novice or seasoned. Did that sound like a lesson in alertness? A lesson in disguise! Today I had another epiphany when I ran in the rain with Munir, he just kept soaking in his environment and enjoying it to the hilt while I was still struggling to slow down my racing heart. And I realised that running is not always about PBs or numbers, it’s about connecting with your surroundings..and trust me a rainy day will give you ample of such opportunities.

I identify with typical excuses on why not to run in the rain-but figured out counter-excuses too:
Not the right shoes-no problem, I’m not looking to sprint in the rain or beat PBs, I’ll reduce my stride length and land mindfully. Soaking wet shoes? A night under the fan with some crumpled newspaper to soak in the moisture and they are ready to hit the road.

I’m not motivated enough to run – no problem, I have my run buddy on speed dial. I’m lucky that Munir is my neighbor and he’s more than willing to offer you company. Look around, you will find someone either more willing or less willing than you to run in the rain. Either way, it’s win-win.
What about my music- very easy. I just ditch it when it pours. I listen to my mechanics instead.

You can’t go without your phone- maybe you can but I can’t. Get a water-proof case or a plastic zipper. And if you’re out of luck that day try soaking your wet phone, battery and sim out in a bowl of uncooked rice. That helps wick out moisture. Worked for me once. Could work for you too.

Get the drill? There’s a hack available for every conceivable excuse of not running in the rain.

If running is your parade don’t let anything rain on it.

P.S: please don’t tell my mom I run in the rain. That’s top secret.



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