TV Jagdish :: Glutes strength and time-on-feet did the trick


By T V Jagdish | 25th June 2017

When I joined ExploRunner in January 2017, my stated running goal was “I want to finish 21K in less than 2:30 mins”. Having finished Tarblazer in 2:34 mins, I am now very close to achieving that goal. The goal now appears to be pretty ordinary though it was not easy reaching this stage. Today, during Tarblazer, when I saw Khyati, Melanie and Rachana run their first HM and 10K, it reminded me of my first in 2013 when my first TCS 10K at Bangalore took 01:33:44. After 4 years, I completed the same race in 01:05:33.

Before joining ExploRunners’, I did Vasai Virar HM in Dec 2016 which took 03:03:20. Prior to that all HM’s took 03:30 mins to complete. I hardly did any warm ups and no cool downs at all. I remember limping to office on the following Mondays. Then the big change came when I met Munir. He introduced me to the warm up and cool down exercises and the functional training and workouts. Instantly, my timings improved and endurance increased.

However, past sins caught up. I was carrying an IT Band injury which I suffered during the Vasai Virar HM (running without adequate training). This got aggravated during the Hiranandani Thane HM and I struggled to complete it in 2:57:55. My physio advised me to take a few days off and do the prescribed exercises. I was doing certain exercises to eliminate the pain and simultaneously other exercises to strengthen the Glutes, three times a day. I was informed that strengthening of Glutes will start only after 2 months of doing these exercises.

While, I have run many races during the past 4 years, the SCMM eluded me as qualification timings were not within their cut-offs. So, I registered for TCS 10K at Bangalore. I had to start training and so after 3 weeks of Rehab, in the third week of March I returned to running. The results were dramatic and I improved my timings by a full minute. My gait improved and I could feel the bounce of the feet. I was able to do the “strides”.

I believe my TCS 10K timing will help me register for Mumbai Marathon HM 2018.

However, my cherished goal is to run a full marathon. During training I was running mostly 10K during March to May and was finding it difficult to increase mileage to prepare for Tarblazer, mainly because of the harsh summer we had to endure. Munir started reminding me that I am under prepared and i told him i need that one long run. Munir advised “time on feet”. On 7th June, Munir set me target of 02:30 and ran along with me at BNP. I could manage 02:00 hours somehow (barely 15kms). I was determined and so on 13th June I did 02:30 (about 17kms). I had a back injury last week and so missed couple of runs during the taper. I feel the 2 “time on feet” runs were the significant reason to my improved performance in Tarblazer.

Couple of days back, when i went to collect the Bib for Tarblazer, a pace setter asked me what time am I targeting. I instantly answered 02:35 as I believe that is the time to qualify for for the Mumbai Marathon 42K. At that time I did not realise that I will take myself so seriously and achieve 02:34:43 today in Tarblazer.


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