Dr. Rachana Jadhav :: Running… My First step to Fitness


By Dr. Rachana Jadhav | 20th June 2017

Since childhood, I was in a dilemma, that “Running  is not my cup of tea”. For me, run  was only when  I used to visit a beach, and run from shores to waters, till I felt I was safe. This was only my favourite sport, and that was the only distance, I could run . Also my little plump body structure restricted me, involving in any sports. Though convinced by my hubby, I involved myself in tennis and swimming during 2015-2016. Still I felt in back of my mind, that I was not a correct match, to these sports, hence gave up.

Only when in this despair mood, I was introduced, inspired and encouraged to RUN, by my sister-in- law, Mrs.Khyati Bodke  and  brother-in-law, Mr.Dinesh Bodke .This was when I started my journey of running .I registered myself in marathon run  of Hiranandani, Powai  after getting inspired by them .

Now came the next question to me that at around 35th  of my age,  after one pregnancy and after one fracture, will my  body support me in running??

Yes, it did…as it is said rightly “Where there is a will, there is a way “.

Initially  my baby step running was so interesting  to watch,  that  sometimes while running ,some  people walked faster than my run .But I did not get disheartened as I knew, that  my efforts will not go in vain .

Then, the first show time, when I had to run for my first Marathon run, for Hiranandani Powai- 4km.

Yes!!! I did it!!! Wow!  Without any breaks in run, speeds though not good. Excited by this we again ran for Hiranadani Thane 4km.

This was, when I was introduced to Munir sir, who was a coach for running to Khyati and Dinesh.

I joined him in his group of Explorunners. In his training, he encouraged me , guided me systematically and physiologically,  to improve my running skills .He believed in me and I accepted his belief as a challenge and leaving behind  my myths of my body weight,  structure disorders etc.. I practised more and more.

And here I am, completing my stadium relay run for 2 hrs; Ran 14 kms with considerable pace of 8.15min/km. I did it again!!! Woohooo!!!!

Running has not only made me fit, but increased my confidence, concentration   and endurance. I got rid of all myths related to my body competency.

I am now a “Fit”Doctor, and a “Proud Marathoner”.

Pledge to continue Running and guide others too.


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