Jessica Philip :: And I thought I was fit!


By Jessica Philip | 20th May 2017

One look at me and you would be shocked to believe that 5 yrs ago I weighed almost 18 kgs heavier. Stress eating was a way of life and fitness did not exist in my lexicon. I don’t recall when I actually decided to lose this excess ‘baggage’ but once I decided it was set in stone. I changed my lifestyle (Healthy eating not dieting+regular workout), read a lot about fitness, experimented a lot with which forms of fitness I connected with. I settled with a mix of aerobics, skipping and intense stretching with YOGA (all combined in that order lasting about 1.5 hrs) and 5 yrs down the line you would still find me doing this once every week. I got into shape (read LEAN) and monitored my weight closely like a hawk ever since.

And I thought I was fit!

But in Feb 2017 something happened that challenged my notion of fitness.

I participated in my first ever 5K run hosted by my company three months ago. And that was the first time I ran. And I performed MISERABLY. I could barely breathe let alone run. I walked more than ran. I huffed and puffed the entire 5K and “managed” to complete it in 40 mins. An exhausting 40 mins ! Simply not what most people describe as a ‘pleasant’ run. People cheered as they completed their runs even after me but I sat there on the ground sad. Sad because I thought I was fit and here I was struggling to catch my breath. Something was stirring inside of me, all I saw was this demon standing right in front of me waiting for it to be conquered. This demon was RUNNING. I knew it had to be conquered and befriended.I soon realized that it was no demon, it was here to challenge me, to teach me that I can fly if I commit to it by pushing myself and discover a new limit every time I surpass a previous one.

Two months post that life-changing run, I’m proud to call myself a “RUNNER”. My PB’s in two months since taking up running are: 5K-30 mins, 10K-63 mins, 21K-153 mins. I managed these PB’s solely on my own with no training. But I needed something more,there’s only so much you could do on your own but to become the best you need to train with the best. Becuase I sensed much more room for improvement and I needed to beat my PB’s, I joined ExploRunner. I’m an infant where it comes to running but I believe I’m on the right track to becoming a seasoned distance runner. Munir’s training with his customized training plans and tutelage will get you to fly not just run (trust me I just don’t endorse blindly). Just a week into joining the group, I had an opportunity to run with some of most motivating runners from ExploRunner and I have learnt a lot already ! Right from nutrition tips to running form, you will have tons of such tips flowing your way from every direction and not just our expert coach Munir Kulavoor. And that’s the beauty because as they say it takes a village to raise a child. In terms of running experience I’m still a child at best, having years to go before I achieve top athletic performance but with this running ‘village’ to ‘raise’ me I know I’m in the right hands !

Happy running.


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