Rahul R :: I will never commit to something until I have a target.


By Rahul R | 19th Feb 2017

Thank you coach…..Will meet you next time…

Oh, no…If I start like this, you may imagine something else…….

So, let me start with the dream of a boy who was always ready for game. During his school days, he was interested in cricket, once he moved to secondary school, his interest changed to football. Finally he started playing badminton once he reached in college. But due to family pressures, he was forced to concentrate only in studies…

Today, he is happy and proud that he has managed to reach a good life style.

But, one day, he looked back and found nothing other than a computer. This disturbed the boy who was in sleep mode for a long and started thinking, “what I can do other than the daily job to blossom my life”.. that made him stop at the badminton court after long time.

As he was holding the racket almost after 5 years, he couldn’t even remember how to grab it. After almost four to five months practice, he found his rhythm in the court. Like any other sports man, he wanted to be the first always and he started doing his best to remain unbeaten.

Unluckily, after one year, the sad storm hit him. He was forced to move from there to some other place. But, the childish boy was not ready to sleep. he tried to find some alternative to balance his wok life.

Now you may think, who is that boy…..its me…..

One day, I met with one of my colleague, who started encouraging me in sports activity especially in running. He gave some tips to start with it.

Frankly, even while playing badminton also, I don’t have enough stamina to play consecutive games. After four games, I need rest….

After the lecture from my colleague, I felt, “What this guy is saying…running …Non-sense…I can’t even run to catch a bus, he is asking me to run for 5 KM…”…

After a couple of days, he came to office with a medal and said, “This is my first medal, I covered 21 KM in 2 hours 40 minute…Even though I felt guilty, I praised my colleague..” I started thinking about 21KM……….

Finally I come out of the dream and took my first step in the road…I felt bad on the first day because I was not even able to run for 20 seconds. But, I tried the same on the next day too…

Finally, I started feeling the rhythm in my steps…But, after a couple of days, my body started its usual chapter, “The Injury & pain…”.First time, I begged for a recovery solution….

You may laugh in this situation…..

But, the truth is, I started enjoying the road and I don’t wish to stop it.

The solution ends in a mobile number “8369431808”…..and it has closed my usual chapter with a style…

It was a new beginning…..New chapters added to the subject…..

1. Warm Up
2. Run
3. Stretch

I insist the body to score more in chapter one and three so that I can score better in chapter two. I made my body to run slower…..10 min for 1 KM……

In next couple of weeks, the speed increased to 9 min for 1KM and I covered 10KM in 90 minutes. Even though I was happy, but I worried about my pace…..I planned to increase my pace and that ends in 80 minute for 10K..

In 20 days, I completed 10K nonstop…. Felt, “I conquered the world”….

In between, one of my stupid friend started teasing me about my speed and it ends in a bet that I should complete my first official 10K under 1 hour.

This time, I was sure that, its an Everest. But I agreed as I know, I will never commit to something until I have a target..

In the end, The Everest is still a dream, I completed my first 10K in 1 hour 19 minute. That was a great achievement as the route was challenging.

Immediately after the race, I started worrying about improving my pace and I again dialed “8369431808”…….

Lets see what will be the reply…..

Should I say, “Thank you coach…..Will meet you next time”…..
Tomorrow is unpredictable, anything can happen….

Lets wait for tomorrow…………


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