Dipak Kolapte :: Post running stretching has helped a lot


By Dipak Kolapte | 19th Feb 2017

Looking to physical structure you can make out that I was always a foodie. Since childhood had too much interest in playing cricket and spent most of my younger age in playing only gully cricket.

Till the end of 2007, I was not that physically active and had to struggle a lot in the inception of my career. But its practical that at certain age if you are not physically active and have bad eating habits body starts giving you the indications.

As having great medical history in family, the alarm rung finally, my family doctor me to have discipline lifestyle and shred some pounds.

Journey started since mid of 2010 and started workout after working hours near the office premises. Due to disciplined lifestyle I was certainly able to reduce my weight by around 5 pounds.

Routine gym sessions started becoming daily habits and lately I started missing sessions twice, thrice and later more than quarter of the year.

Running was never been a problem on treadmill in gym and I was comfortably spending 20 mins. But never tried for marathon, several times logged in till registration page but stopped, asking question to myself “Can I run for 21 Kms”.

Finally somehow I convinced myself to run my first marathon i.e. Virar Vasai Marathon. This time I made my mind that I will run this marathon at any cost and it was first time I completed registration.

I decided to practice before one month, initial days I was able to run for 30 minutes comfortable and later tried for 45 minutes which was difficult but somehow managed. As days progressed, started measuring the distance and finally a week before the marathon I was able to run 21 kms in 2:30 minutes. So finally I was confident that I can ran for 21 kms, decided not to think about timing but to run entire marathon without stopping or walking.

Finally the race day arrived and I was able to complete entire race in 2:17 Hrs without walking and stopping on elevation.

Post completion of my first marathon I thought of participating in Powai Run and did it in lesser time 2:10 Hrs but struggled in elevation and had suffered severe body ache.

So it was time to have a professional advice and I was introduced to Munir-Coach (EXPLORUNNERS) through one of my close friend Dinesh Bodke.

And the training started as advised by Munir, 1st day was with Coach it started like firstly stretching and then 2Kms warm up and 2 rounds of Airport bridge (Vile Parle) we ran around 6 Kms but important was post running stretching which has helped a lot. Got important inputs from Munir i.e. attack elevation part, try & run faster on elevation instead of running slow. Which I used to think in opposite manner in previously.

Training schedule was made considering Thane Marathon in mind, so we had quite a few bridge running and on weekends special training at BNP (Borivali National Park).

On 26th Jan we celebrated Republic day in different style, we decided to run from Bandra to Nariman Point in group of 5 members with Coach and it was excellent experience. We also decided to run Thane Marathon route before the race day and we did it in our practice sessions with style.

And finally race day arrived.

Running experience was good in Thane Marathon, as it has one of highest elevated route, But training has helped in all terms I did my best on elevated part and manage to complete marathon in lesser time (2:05) in comparison of previous two marathons.

Currently I am happy with my performance till date, But would definitely like to improve timing In coming races and that will happen because I am following the training schedule. (As prescribed by Coach—Munir)

Finish Timings of Marathons


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