TV Jagdish :: From Sea Cadet to 2 10K & 6 HM Finisher and everything in between…


From Sea Cadet to 2 10K & 6 HM Finisher and everything in between, illnesses, inactivity & now the desire to endure a Full Marathon, Mr. TV Jagdish has seen it all and going strong .

By T.V. Jagdish (50)

Except for my poor eyesight since 8th std, I have been generally in good health since childhood. I used to play normal games and sports in school and in my colony. But being of short height, I would not be taken as a serious contender in any sport. I am basically a vegetarian though I have eggs sometimes. I have been a 1st class scout in school and so have done treks/ camps etc besides done training 2 years as Sea Cadet on T.S. Jawahar at Colaba, where I have done Boating and long marches on the roads and Republic day parade.

I have not been active at all from college days onwards, but I did exercises intermittently like surya namaskar, push-ups, pull ups, sit ups, skipping and sirsasan.

From age of 21 to 46, I have not done any physical activity or fitness regime, it was only work & home. I detected my thyroid problem late, though it is not serious but I had general weakness after coming from work etc and doctors generally prescribed vitamins. I am now taking regular medicine and it is under control. I do not have any other disease like blood pressure, diabetes etc.

In 2004, I had an unexplained illness, I lost 90% of my muscle strength and was hospitalized 5 days and recovered taking steroids. In 2010 I had Hernia operation.

In 2012, I did Vipassana mediation 10 day course. I ran 2013 SCMM Dream Run 6Kms in 60 mins. Encouraged, I ran 10K in Mangalore in 2013 and TCS 10K 2013 in Bangalore I thing 01:30 mins approx. I then ran Half Marathon (HM) in Aarey Milk Colony of R&L and Hyderabad HM in 2013, took more then 3:15. I also started to learn swimming in 2013, it took me one year but I can now swim and do diving but do not have much endurance to stay afloat in water.

In 2014, I also ran HM at F1 track in Noida which was my fastest 3:06 mins until I did VVMM in 2016 in 03:03 mins. I was actually under-trained for VVMM, although it is my PB from last 4 years since I started running HM.

I also ran Gurgaon Millennium HM and ADHM in 2015 (one month apart) but they were bad runs as I got injured during training (plantar fascistic) and could not train after that. I went to Ladakh in Nov 2015 and had no problem adjusting to the high altitude.

After ADHM 2015 was inactive till May 2016 and my weight increased from 74 kgs to 80kgs. I then consulted a professional dietitian and reduced my weight to 66 kgs in 5 months walking 6 kms everyday.

Sept 2016 I started to run again and ran VVMM basically to test my level of fitness. So in all I have run 2 10Ks and 6 HMs so far. From Dec 2016 I have started doing Yoga 4 days a week.

My aim is to run a sub 2:30 HM and a full marathon in the medium term.


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