Indian Runners: Iss Saal se Pakka!!

By Amit Patel | 26th Dec 2016

Running is essential or its become a fashion trend. Yes! Undoubtedly its our need to stay fit in modern lifestyle. Till mid twentieth century, mostly we traveled by foot or cycle. During those days, car was luxurious things. Now a days office hours have become more complicated. We travel a lot from home to office and office to home (in metro cities, it increases over 2 hours a day)

Of course, everyone wants to become fit but there has been always a doubt in their mind, how to start? First step- come out with your comfort zone. Reduce your TV/mobile time and be the member of 5:00 AM club. Start walking for short distances. Adopt new roads and parks to explore your city. It helps in preventing you from boredom.. Yes! We Indians start with full energy and stamina and also take pledge during the last week of every year that from 1st January, I will walk/run at least____ distance or I will join gym and I loose ___ Kg weight and become healthy.

In north India, January month is more cold and foggy, so 90% people still in their quilt during 2nd Jan to 7th Jan, 10% people start running but their minds start making excuses after 14th Jan like very cold outside the home or I have to travel a lot, traveling breaks my continuity. From Feb month, their next excuses ‘Bachcho ke exam aane vale h, unko dhyan dena h’, ‘relative ki shaadi h, usme busy ho jaayenge’. March month ‘yaar year ending aa gya hai, financial year ki closing karni h’. April Month’ Yaar! Forced bachelor hoo iss time, Khana bhi kha hra hoo hotel mein, Biwi bhi nahi h ghar par to late jaagta hoon’. In May/ June’ Pagal hai, itani garmi m kon daudta hai’ and during July/Aug’Itne Kichad bhare roads mein kon running karta hai’. In Sept month, they again start thinking to start running. They purchase new shoes and dresses. Actually they start running but Oct month’Itani Jaldi diwali bhi aa gyi’ and stop running. In November, ‘Two months running karne se kuch nahi hota mere bhai’ last December’Next year se pakka!!!’

But 1% people do not make excuses. They run during winters, relatives marriages, financial year closing, their children exams, summers, rainy seasons, in Sept (perfect running season) even when they are on their official tours.

To become 1% people of world, you have to dare to do what 1% people do. Some suggestions to continue the running the whole year:
– Find your running buddy
– Start reading books related to running which keeps you motivated
– Follow your local running group (like ExploRunner) and they will be very happy to help you to continue running
– Participate in running events that appear on your social networks which helps to continue run

“So, start running and whether its ten miles or a mile, you will never regret lacing up your running shoe and going out of the door” – Unknown

Have a great running year 2017!


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