Amit Patel :: My story: from 5K to Half Marathon

By Amit Patel | 27th Sept 2016

Life begins when you come out of your comfort zone.

After completion of BMC (Basic Mountaineering Course) in mid November 2015, I always faced a challenge: how to be active in life specially in winters? Answer was simple – Running. Therefore I continued running but not more than 3-4 kms. Mid April 2016, I set a goal to finish 10K. During summers people avoid physical activities but I ran. That time I was facing a big challenge – How to hydrate in summer. I searched in google, google answers every question but google never solves your problem.

I needed a mentor to guide me how to run long distances, what to eat how to stay motivated and lastly how to increase your distance as well as your running milage.

One day I shared my issue with my senior colleague Amit Shah who usually has answers to all my questions. He sent me a contact of Munir (Dada) – Running professional and mentor. His first question to me, what is your target? I thought again, my target was to finish 10K but I replied to him that I want to finish a Half Marathon.

He prepared my running schedule and introduced some running terminologies and techniques. My simple aim was to just follow the training log. I started running in mid July – rainy season in India.

I started to follow my 13 week training programme. I started running 15-20 miles per week.

But after 3 weeks of base training, I had to stop physical activites due to viral fever. About 2 weeks rest disturbed my running schedule totally. I again asked my mentor to reschedule my running activity. I again started running in 1st week of September. I ran my longest run on 15th September 2016. Next week I covered 17K distance in one stretch . The next Sunday 25th September, my long run distance was 19K but my mentor pinged me “you have to run 20K at a stretch”.

Actually I get bored very easily if I ran on repeat routes, so I chose a new route to run the longest distance. I started my run at 5:03 a.m. from NRI Colony, Jaipur. I learned a technique during my mountaineering course break your target schedule into small pieces and forget your past and future goal only think and focus on your current task. If you executed your task, focus on your next task and if you fall down on your task, don’t worry think about your next task. Therefore when I completed my 6K run, my next target was to cross Jagatpura flyover and to enter Malviya Nagar. Malviya Nagar is quite green and the sun was about to rise. When I finished 10K, my body was charged up and ready to go further. My next target was to reach Jawahar Circle, Asia’s second biggest circular park. I reached Jawahar Circle very slowly. Now, I had completed 3/4th part of my target. That time was to stay calm and keep running.

Now I was on my favorite route in Jaipur – JLN Marg. It is more green, ideal route for running and cycling. Most running events of Jaipur are conducted on this route. I restored my energy and started running. My speed was constant so I completed 5K in about 36 mins. It was 20K done but I wanted to feel the happiness after crossing the finish line of a Half Marathon. So I convinced my mind to run 15 mins more and I would be a Half Marathon finisher, undoubtedly. Unofficially but absolutely I will be a half marathon finisher. I ran again on the circumference of Jawahar Circle and ran 2 rounds of it and what I see on my Strava – It’s 22K in 02:42:04! I was over seven clouds. It was the most amazing feeling, very happy, feeling stronger. At that time my mind was thinking only one sentence – “Lets dream to do more! Yeah!


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