Mohit Srivastava :: Fitness must become a matter of habit for children


By Mohit Srivastava | 1st October 2016

Mohit Srivastava is Senior Product Manager in the Automotive Tyre Industry who despite being a busy professional is determined to stay fit and advocates making fitness a habit for children.

I had a very non athletic sort of childhood with studies the priority although I did play cricket, football and badminton. No running or swimming for me in my childhood.

I was reasonably fit till my graduation but late nights and heavy food in the hostel made me a bit fatter by the time I started working by 2003. Then I started going to the gym and doing some jogging to bring down my weight.

Till 2007 I followed the gym jog routine quite diligently and maintained my weight arnd 67-70 kgs

During my MBAs in Kerala I started running 3-4 times a week. Sprints in the football field and jogging up the hill as my college was on a hill.

Once I started working again in sales (2009-13) I really let go and gained weight . At one point i was abt 84 kgs

In 2013 I came to Mumbai  into a marketing role and a 5 day week and started running again to get myself fitter. Lost about 9 kgs for my first SCMM in 2015.

Since then my weight has again gone upto 78 kgs from 74 in january 2015.

Now I do a mix of swimming, gymming and running to keep myself fit. Ideally would like to lose some weight and keep it stable at 70 kgs

I drink occasionally (1-2 times a month at social meets)… no major injuries so far and no medical complications.

My inspiration to run has been senior successful people who despite their age (45-60) and busy time schedule manage to find time for running. I basically run to get myself fitter. Its important for me to look good at all times and running goes a long way towards this goal. I plan to keep improving my personal timings from hereon steadily and be healthy and happy.

I would like to encourage my children to start running from a young age so that fitness becomes a matter of habit for them.


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