Sanjay Awari :: Won’t let Illnesses derail journey to Wellness


Meet Sanjay Awari a senior IT professional has been battling health issues which the general population is plagued with. However unlike most he has taken the bull by its horns and is determined to come out victorious. Here’s his story…

From a health and sports perspective I was an average kid. Neither good nor bad at most sports. Football was the favourite sport. Had a major injury while playing football when I was 14. Broke my hand. Had to undergo a major operation thrice to fix it. And had the arm in a sling for more than 6 months. Post that had an active life but not a disciplined or health conscious. It was 3 years before I started playing any sports. It was not that regular though. This has been the stories in the later part of the life till date. Irregular physical activities. Had started pursuing running during the college days but left it midway for no apparent reason. One good thing was that my weight was under control and the stamina always was good. A lot of walking as part of work or leisure was the reason. A lot of walking and using public transport.

The usual suspects, weight gain, cholesterol levels started when I joined the IT industry and subsequently when I started using the car. Had an appendicitis operation. Post that the hypothyroidism problem triggered and weight started going northwards. Plus energy levels always used to be low. Immunity of the body was also low and was usually the first one to catch the seasonal flu.

August 2015 started running a little regularly. No fixed schedule though and slowly started seeing the benefits. From April onwards have been following a training plan and seen a lot of improvement in health and stamina. Manage to lose 11kgs in the last year. Cholesterol levels have reduced significantly. Hypothyroidism is also improved and medicine dosage reduced.

But still a lot to do. Need more discipline in building the core and stability through functional exercises to become a better runner and get long term sustainable health benefits. Hopefully will work towards that.


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