Amit Patel :: ‘Keep running and feel the nature’


Amit Patel, Jaipur resident, is an avid Mountaineer who has completed his Basic Mountaineering Course and is all geared up for the Advance Mountaineering Course in Mid-October 2016. He combines his love for nature and running, here’s his story…

Hi Guys! I am Amit Patel, 26 year old, IT professional, mountaineer who loves outdoor running because running tests your physical fitness as well as mental toughness. Since childhood, I was active child who ran aimlessly on the sound of motorcycle, actually sound was produced myself Bhur! Bhur! Bhurbhur!!! I played a lots of games in childhood – Galli cricket, Gilli Danda, Hide and seek, Cycling. I started running short distances when I was in class 8th but I had to stop my outdoor activities due to chicken pox and later the 10th board exams.

I was tottaly inactive in college (2007-11). Hectic office life (I used to travel 80kms daily) affected my schedule and by 2012 passed out as a totally inactive guy.

In May 2013, I decided to start running to explore nature at morning hours in Mussoorie. After some months it became a habit to see the sunrise and natures beauty. In 2015, I got an opportunity to train with elite athletes of India at the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi which is my life’s turning point.

I now consider a serious goal to stay fit and have decided to participate in a Half Marathon race.

At last I’d say – “Keep running and feel the nature”.


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