Narvir Singh :: Bounces back after fatal road accident in his youth


Narvir Singh a Risk Managment Professional talks about his fitness journey thus far.  After a life altering accident in his youth, he is now determined to get back to peak fitness. 

“Since my childhood days I was very active in sports and fitness was up to mark. After my matriculation I joined stadium (athletics-long jumps), I participated lots of school competitions. Those days i use to run around 10 rounds of stadium, which is approximately 5-6 km . I continued the same till higher secondary (approx 2 years). Apart from this I was having bicycle for school & coaching classes, I use to cycle approx 10 km daily.

When i joined college my cycle was replaced by a bike but still I used to workout. Nearest gym was about 4 kms from my home, so I use to jog that distance then workout for 30-45 mins and then walk back home. I as also very active in NCC and attended around 6 camps (local & national), NCC drill was also part of my routine.

In the end of 2nd year (2002) of college I met with road accident which lead to multiple injuries in right arm, right leg, neck & head, due to which I was bedridden for almost 4 months. That was the turning point from that day on, I was unable to run / gym for next 4-5 years .

Now I have again started running and workout after 13-14 years and feeling comfortable & good.”


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